"As a first-time novel writer, it made sense to me to have a developmental editor take a look at my manuscript. Even as someone who makes a living writing and has an editor for a girlfriend, I thought it was a sound investment to have an editor who specializes in speculative fiction provide feedback. I couldn't have been more pleased with the results. Not only did Em catch several sensitivity issues, but they also provided advice that tightened my narrative, distilled it, and improved it. The insight gleaned in the process has made my instincts for narrative structure better."

— David Morrigan, Author


"Em assisted me greatly in figuring out the weakest and strongest points of my writing. She did what the best editors do, which is pointing out the weaknesses of your manuscript, all the while praising the positives. It’s a small thing, but a vital one that many editors don’t seem to follow. I highly recommend anyone looking for an editor to hire her."

— Dylan Gorman, Author


"I hired Em to edit and rewrite parts of a sci-fi novel. Not only did the quality of her work exceed my expectations many times, she’s also incredibly pleasant to work with. I highly, highly recommend Em and intend to hang on to her for multiple projects. Definitely the best editor I’ve worked with so far!"

— Nicholas Enni, Sundance House


"Em is a great proofreader and I will be using her services again in the future. She is highly communicative and will clarify any doubts that arise as quickly as possible. Recommended."

— Mohamed Awada, Ready-to-Publish Translations